Bringing equipment into Turkey

Turkey is a member of ATA Carnet system, a document that allows you to temporarily bring filming equipment into the country, tax and duty free. Any equipment that you are bringing into Turkey should be declared  at the Turkish customs office of your arrival and departure airports. Upon arrival to Turkey and at check in before departure, custom officials will check your equipment to see if they match the list that you declared.

Renting equipment in Turkey

All the standard camera, grip and lighting equipment can be rented in Turkey. Also specialized gears such as underwater housing for various cameras, vehicle mounts and drones are available. So you don’t need to bring everything with you. We can rent anything you need with reasonable prices.

Equipment Security

Our drivers never leave their vans unattended. So your equipment will be safe and sound in our vans while in transit and parked during shootings. For the night time we can book an extra room in your hotel for your equipment. You can also charge your batteries and walkies in this room. In case equipment needs to stay in the van we park the vans in parking garages with security personnel.