Who will need a Filming Permit?

Foreign companies or individuals who plan to film in Turkey for feature/short movie, documentary, commercial, TV show, music or corporate video for TV or digital platforms need to apply to Directorate General of Cinema for a general filming permit in Turkey.

According to the Turkish regulations, you must have at least one host, who is a citizen of the Turkish Republic, to accompany you during filming.

Applying for a General Filming Permit

Applications for a general filming permit is online through this page.

We can submit the application forms and carefully follow the process for you to speed up the process.

Other permits you might need

Depending on your desired shooting locations permits from following authorities might be needed:

  • Municipality

  • Police

  • Military

  • Museums

  • Historical Places

  • Private Property Owners

While planing your shooting in Turkey, we can tell you what type of permits you would need and help you obtain those. It is important to plan ahead to prevent any interruptions during filming.

Cost of the Filming Permit

Obtaining the General Filming Permit in Turkey is free of charge. However, depending on locations, additional permits might be needed from local authorities or municipalities. Prices for those permits will depend on locations and shooting date. We can obtain those permits for you after your locations and dates are set.

How long does it take to obtain a permit?

General Filming Permit is usually obtained in about a week. Other permits might take longer and you might need General Filming Permit to apply for some of them. That is why we recommend to apply 2 or 3 weeks prior to your shooting schedule.

What else will you need for filming in Turkey?

After you have received the General Filming Permit from the authorities, you need to apply to the Turkish Consulate General in your country for Filming Visa. This is a special type of visa and cannot be obtained on arrival. Documents you need to apply for Filming Visa may depend on your country of origin.

Members of the Press

Members of the Press do not need filming permit or filming visa to follow news stories in Turkey. They need to inform the Press Office of the Turkish Embassy which will inform the Press Office at the Prime Minister’s Office, prior to going to Turkey.